Our Work

Where, with whom we work and past achievements

Our area of interventions/operation includes slums located in Nizamuddin, Jangpura, Bhogal, Sarai Kale Khan and Pant Nagar areas in New Delhi. The demographic profile of these areas suggests a high population of Muslim minority and SC/ST/OBC population and our target groups are young boys &girls and women belonging to SC/ST/OBC & Muslim community living below poverty line.

Our programmes and projects are mainly meant for the underprivileged girls and women living in the slum areas. Our past achievements include vocational training in computers, stitching, beauty culture, English speaking, Personality Development, Handicraft and Non-formal school for the slum children and school drop-outs at our premises. Workshops in the area of women empowerment- Gender Sensitization, Legal Aid Awareness, Capacity Building, Environment Awareness, Health Camps. We have also worked in association with ANHAD in different areas of social, cultural concerns, fight for human rights and rights of the marginalized communities. Seminar at the constitutional club, organized by HOW, an NGO of Anurag Singh Thakur, was attended by our staff members.


We started non-formal educational program at our centre at community centre Pant Nagar. This center aims at providing non formal education (6 to 14 Years) through setting up of one-room schools for the children of poor, disadvantaged and landless families as well as for street children and school drop-outs. At present, we have 25 children aged 6 to 14 years at our centre.


Health Care

Through, the health care programmes we provide free medical check-ups, medicines, health education leading to family planning, better hygiene and sanitation and prevention of communicable diseases, especially sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS etc with special emphasis on mother and child healthcare.


Awareness Program

The organization makes people aware about HIV/AIDS through its awareness generation programmes. With this and in view, the society has prepared brochures and leaflets for distributing among public. The organization feels that awareness generation among public is the only way to prevent this disease from being spread.



We conducted seminars and workshop on drug abuse, tobacco addiction, consumption of alcohol and narcotics to motivate youth and children to keep away from these maladies. We also conducted workshop on legal awareness, gender sensitization and capacity building.


Where we work

We work in the slums (basti) located in Pant Nagar, Nizamuddin, Jangpura, Bhogal, East of Kailash Gadi and Sarai Kale Khan. We give special emphasis to beneficiaries from SC/ST/OBC section and from amongst the minorities and people living below poverty line in particular.